Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery:Vertebral discs are like cushions placed in between vertebrae for shock absorption. Now the centre or nucleus of a disc might get pushed out of the line, which is clinically termed as Slipped Disc. It is an extremely painful condition as all the spinal nerves are compressed hard by the herniated or slipped disc. In minor herniation and early stages, the body can heal itself. But any painful condition indicates that medical intervention is needed.Often, doctors go for surgery to heal it completely and quickly. But surgery can be a daunting option for most patients. Also, surgery often has serious side effects. Fortunately there are plenty of Slipped Disc treatments without Surgery, manual treatments available like Traction and pull, physiotherapy with analgesic medication etc. At JPRC Neuro spine centre we offer all-in-one slipped disc treatment without surgery from diagnostic and therapeutic minimal invasive pain procedures. under the supervision of our world class pain management professionals.